Penticton Peritoneal Dialysis Clinic

Penticton Peritoneal Dialysis Clinic

About Penticton Peritoneal Dialysis Clinic

Provides education programs to teach patients and/or their families how to perform peritoneal dialysis at home.  After training, patients come in for regular check-ups and receive ongoing support.

Available Services

49.4816173, -119.5774849

Available Amenities


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Frequently Asked Questions

Wheel chair Accessible?


Emergency Hours?

Emergency Services operates 24 hours/day; 7 days/week

Visiting Hours?

Open visiting hours Other Info: No more than 2 visitors allowed at a time. An adult should accompany children at all times.
If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to an infectious disease, please do not visit.  

Parking Information?

$1/hour or $5 all day
Weekly passes - $24
Monthly passes - $46


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