Environmental Health - Locations

Environmental Health oversees the inspection of restaurants and food service locations, public swimming pools and hot tubs, and businesses providing personal services (such as beauty salons, barber and tattoo shops) to assure public health standards are met

Environmental Health
Country Squire Retirement Villa

Environmental Health

Cranbrook Health Protection Office

20 – 23rd Avenue South
Cranbrook BC V1C 5V1

250-420-2220(main switchboard)

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Invermere Diabetes Clinic

Environmental Health

Invermere Health Protection Office

Box 2069, 850 - 10th Avenue
Invermere BC V0A 1K0

250-342-2360(main switchboard)

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East Kootenay TIA Clinic (EKRH)

Environmental Health

Kamloops Health Protection Office

519 Columbia Street
Kamloops BC V2C 2T8

250-851-7340(main switchboard)

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Environmental Health

Kamloops Infectious Diseases Clinic

311 Columbia St
Kamloops BC V2C 2S8

250-374-5111(main switchboard)

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Kelowna Developmental Disability Mental Health Services

Environmental Health

Kelowna Health Protection Office

505 Doyle Avenue
Kelowna BC V1Y 0C5

250-469-7061(main switchboard)

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KGH Front Entrance

Environmental Health

Kelowna Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine Clinic

2251 Pandosy Street
Kelowna BC V1Y 1T1

250-862-4157(main switchboard)

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