This fun, family-centered program is for children and teens aged 6-17. It is a referral based program held virtually twice a week for ten weeks. This program is supported by a multidisciplinary team that includes a registered dietitian, social worker, pediatrician, and exercise specialist. Shapedown BC empowers families to become healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally through active participation and support in group sessions and individualized activities.  

Some topics may include goal setting, communication as a family, parenting support, label reading, improving your child/teen’s self-esteem, family meals, menu planning and much more! In addition, families take part in fun activities run by an exercise specialist from the Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA virtually.  

As part of the program, all family members will receive a complimentary membership to the YMCA for 3 months. Participants can expect to develop better nutrition and physical activity habits, as well as improve their mental health and family communication.  

Each family member gets to practice setting goals working on achieving their desired results in this supportive, hands-on environment. The family is expected to attend an in person Intake appointment in Kamloops with the team prior to group sessions starting. Families are invited to call the Kamloops Public health Unit for more information. Referrals are required through a Physician or Nurse practitioner. 


Healthy Weights for Children: Shapedown Brochure

Healthy Weights for Children: Shapedown Brochure

ShapedownBC video

ShapedownBC video

Physician Referral - Kamloops

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