The Occupational Rehab Program (OR) is a therapeutic program designed to help individuals reintegrate into their previous working environment following an accident or injury.  Available Monday-Friday 7am-3pm. The OR team is comprised primarily of Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and a Rehab Assistant.  Other team members include: Psychologists, Physician and a Dietitian.  The team works together to develop and execute an exercise program that will be meaningful to the client and will help them return to their previous employment or alternate employment. The program can tailored to the needs of the patient. The Occupational Therapist provide real or simulated work activities, pacing instruction, job site visits, return to work planning (GRTW), case management and pain management instruction. Pain management instruction is an important educational component of the OR Program.  This instruction include:  grading and pacing of activities, relaxation therapy, hot and cold packs, positive reinforcement, information on hurt vs harm and distraction therapy. The Physiotherapists focus on stretching, pool therapy, general conditioning/strengthening, light weight exercises, core strengthening, cardio and pain management.


Occupational Rehab Program Brochure

Occupational Rehab Program Brochure

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