Ophthalmology provides surgical procedures of the eye, including cataract surgery, glaucoma, macular degeneration , strabismus repair, Retina Surgery (vitrectomy). Please note, not all Interior Health hospitals are equipped to provide all types of ophthalmology procedures; discuss with your physician for more information. Learn more about surgery in Interior Health.  


Surgical Checklist

Surgical Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pre-service instructions for the patient

Yes. You will be contacted by a pre-surgical nurse and an anesthesiologist prior to your surgery date.

Is a referral required?

Yes.  Physician referral required. 

Is there a cost?

For residents of BC most procedures are covered under the Medical Services Plan (MSP). There may be additional charges for medical services in some cases.

Do I need a ride home?

Yes. You are considered legally impaired for 24 hours and can not operate a vehicle.


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