Pediatric Asthma Services - Locations

Provides asthma education and support for children and youth (age birth - 16).

Pediatric Asthma Services
KGH Front Entrance

Pediatric Asthma Services

Kelowna General Hospital

2268 Pandosy Street
Kelowna BC V1Y 1T2

250-862-4000(main switchboard)

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Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.

Pediatric Asthma Services

Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital

1200 Hospital Bench
Trail BC V1R 4M1

250-368-3311(main switchboard)

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Penticton Mental Health & Substance Use

Pediatric Asthma Services

Penticton Regional Hospital

550 Carmi Avenue
Penticton BC V2A 3G6

250-492-4000(main switchboard)

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Royal Inland Hospital.

Pediatric Asthma Services

Royal Inland Hospital

311 Columbia Street
Kamloops BC V2C 2T1

250-374-5111(main switchboard)

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A grey six-storey hospital building with a covered breezeway of wooden pillar with three cars parked in front

Pediatric Asthma Services

Vernon Jubilee Hospital

2101 - 32nd Street
Vernon BC V1T 5L2

250-545-2211(main switchboard)

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