Aboriginal Cultural Safety Resources
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What is Cultural Safety?

"An approach that considers how social and historical contexts, as well as structural and interpersonal power imbalances, shape health and health care experiences. Practitioners are self-reflexive/self-aware with regard to their position of power and in the impact of this role in relation to patients. “Safety” is defined by those who receive the services, not those who provide it." Ward, Branch & Fridkin (2016)
IH recognizes that Aboriginal peoples in Canada experience a number of health inequities, many of which are a result of the historical and ongoing impacts of colonialism. The provision of culturally safe health services and improving the cultural safety of health care environments has been demonstrated to enhance the quality of the health encountered, leading to increased service utilization and improved health outcomes. IH is committed to working with Aboriginal partners and allies to create health environments and practices which are safe and welcoming for all Aboriginal peoples, their families and communities.
Many health providers are at different stages in their journey toward cultural safety. Below are links to resources that focus on a culturally safe practice for providers.
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