Lessons learned about concussions after my injury experience

September 16, 2022
Shayne at the top of record ridge in Rossland on the Seven Summits Trail

There’s little I love more than cruising down a sweet single track on my mountain bike. Add my dog and some pals into the mix and you have a recipe for my perfect day! Even though I’m a confident rider and have the skills and experience to tackle most of what the trails throw at me, things can still go sideways, and unfortunately brain injury is a real risk of the sport I love.

Earlier this spring, my season was off to a great start. I was feeling fit and confident, and even tackled a bike everyday challenge where I mountain biked for 24 days straight before a knee injury from a running accident put me out for a few days. But I recovered quickly and was back on the bike in a matter of days.

However, in mid-May I had a crash that showed me first hand the possible consequences of the sport I am so passionate about.

It was a lovely spring evening on Knox Mountain in Kelowna, on a trail I’ve done many times with a group of supportive pals, where I took a crash that caused me to experience my first concussion and started me on a new journey of recovery, learning, and rebuilding my confidence to get back on my bike.

Here’s my story of brain injury and recovery, and the lessons I learned from the experience.


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