We Are IH: Operations knowledge coordinator supports home health

November 17, 2022
Christine Olmstead cycles by one of the Kettle Valley Railway trestle bridges.

Name: Christine Olmstead (she/her/hers)
Job Title: Operations knowledge coordinator
Years of Service: 15
Worksite: CHSC
Community: Central Okanagan
Ancestral TerritoryCentral Okanagan
Advice to live by: You cannot control others’ actions; you can only control your own reaction.

Christine Olmstead was born in Vanderhoof, B.C. and raised in Penticton. She describes herself as motivated, passionate, supportive and caring. Christine has been with Interior Health since 2005, starting as a community health worker while completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UBC Okanagan in 2007. She was hired as a casual home health RN right after graduation.

In her role as an operations knowledge coordinator, Christine provides front-line home health clinical staff, team leads and managers with required education sessions and support in their learning through Ministry of Health directives, regional roll-outs and changes at an operational level. She also supports orientation requirements and education for new home health staff.

Another part of Christine’s role is “translating knowledge.” This involves interpreting information received from leadership (such as practice leads and directors) and presenting it to staff in ways that they are able to understand, prioritize and incorporate into their current practice. “We have to take into account that adults learn in different ways, and we have to be flexible and aware of what works and what doesn’t,” says Christine.


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