MicroBloggingMD (MBMD)
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​What is MBMD?

MBMD is IH's secure messaging and notification system with integrated on-call scheduling. It will improve clinical communications regarding our patient’s needs, notify physicians in a timely and respectful manner, display current physician on-call scheduling, and provide optional notifications to the physicians inpatient Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) from all IH facilities. The system is reliable, protects patient information thus allowing for the full disclosure of clinical information amongst care givers within the Health Authority inclusive of sharing images and documents.

Benefits of MBMD

  • Reliable pager-like notifications to the caregivers smartphone
  • Securely communicate patient needs while protecting patient information
  • Enables patient safety by reliably and quickly notifying available physicians of patient needs.
  • Accessible to all IH caregivers from a variety of internet accessible platforms (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android Phone, Tablet, etc.)
  • Uses exiting IH Authentication for Access.
  • ADT notifications available according to physician preferences
  • Facilitates direct phone conversations where needed
  • Facilitates users who still require a pager as well

Mobile Device Downloads and Setup

Desktop Computer Access

Guides, Videos, & FAQ

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