Applying for a Child Care Licence
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A licence is required when care is being provided to three or more persons who are not related to the care giver by blood or marriage.

Before you begin

Visit the Ministry of Health operating a licensed child day care facility website.

Review the documents:

Applying for a child care licence

Step 1: Review the information in The Guide - Applying for a Child Care Licence. Open this document or print to use as a reference. A checklist in Appendix A of The Guide is also available to assist you.

Step 2: Follow the process provided in The Guide and submit all documents, forms, and policies to Licensing Direct. Go to the Information for Applicants page for more information. Familiarize yourself with legislation and standards.

Step 3: Send your submission to Licensing Direct and a Licensing Officer will contact you.

Information and forms you may need


Contact us

For submissions contact Licensing Direct at:

Phone us: 1-877-980-5118; 8:30am - 4:30pm PST weekdays excl. statutory holidays
Email us: Contact us by email


NOTE: If at any time you decide to withdraw your application for licence, please advise Licensing Direct immediately of this so your file can be closed.


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