Onsite Sewerage Systems
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​Any home or building that is not connected to a community sewer system needs a method for getting rid of human waste. All buildings with indoor plumbing must have a sewerage system in compliance with the BC Sewerage System Regulation.

Construct or Repair an Onsite Sewerage System by an Authorized Person

Step 1: Find an Authorized Person. An Authorized Person (AP) is the only person authorized to design, install, repair, maintain and/or inspect sewerage systems

Step 2: Site Assessment. The Authorized Person gathers information about the property and building(s) which can include digging test holes and inspecting an existing system.

Step 3: The Authorized Person submits a Record of Sewerage System to Interior Health and pays the filing fee. New submissions can be done using the on-line registry or complete the Record of Sewerage System (RSS) Form.

Step 4: The Authorized Person constructs or repairs the sewerage system.

Step 5: The Authorized Person submits a Letter of Certification to Interior Health through the on-line registry or completes and submits a Sewerage System Letter of Certification. The Authorized Person provides the owner with a copy of all documentation including an as constructed drawing and a maintenance plan. 

Online Sewerage Registry for Authorized Persons

Step 1: Create a Profile – email HBE@interiorhealth.ca. Include your first and last name, Registration #, Company name, and email address.  IH Public Health Accounts will send you an email with instructions on how to register and start using your account.

Step 2: Access the online sewerage registry (https://sewerageregistry.interiorhealth.ca/Account/login)

Step 3: Read the Training Guide – IH Sewerage Registry for Authorized Persons

Request a Release of a Covenant

Payment for a Release of Covenant application is non-refundable.  Prior to making any payment, contact our HBE Team to review your proposal. 

Apply for a Holding Tank Permit

A holding tank is not considered a sustainable method for sewage management but can be considered as a temporary measure or in situations where other systems would result in a health hazard.  To be in compliance with the BC Sewerage System Regulation an Environmental Health Officer must issue a permit.  Plans and specifications are to be prepared by an Authorized Person. 

Note: Payment for a holding tank permit is non-refundable.  Prior to making payment, contact our HBE Team to review your proposal.


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