Onsite Sewerage Systems
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​Any home or building that is not connected to a community sewer system needs a method for getting rid of human waste. All buildings with indoor plumbing must have a sewerage system in compliance with the BC Sewerage System Regulation.

Construct or Repair an Onsite Sewerage System by an Authorized Person

Step 1: Find an Authorized Person. An Authorized Person (AP) is the only person authorized to design, install, repair, maintain and/or inspect sewerage systems

Step 2: Site Assessment. The Authorized Person gathers information about the property and building(s) which can include digging test holes and inspecting an existing system.

Step 3: The Authorized Person submits a Record of Sewerage System to Interior Health and pays the filing fee. New submissions can be done using the online registry or complete the Record of Sewerage System (RSS) Form.

Step 4: The Authorized Person constructs or repairs the sewerage system.

Step 5: The Authorized Person submits a Letter of Certification to Interior Health through the on-line registry or completes and submits a Sewerage System Letter of Certification. The Authorized Person provides the owner with a copy of all documentation including an as constructed drawing and a maintenance plan. 

Online Sewerage Registry for Authorized Persons

Step 1: Create a Profile – email HBE@interiorhealth.ca. Include your first and last name, Registration #, Company name, and email address.  IH Public Health Accounts will send you an email with instructions on how to register and start using your account.

Step 2: Access the online sewerage registry

Step 3: Read the Training Guide – IH Sewerage Registry for Authorized Persons

Resource: Checklist for IH filing requirements - Authorized Person Submission Checklist​

Request a Release of a Covenant

Payment for a Release of Covenant application is non-refundable.  Prior to making any payment, contact our HBE Team to review your proposal. 

Apply for a Holding Tank Permit

A holding tank is not considered a sustainable method for sewage management but can be considered as a temporary measure or in situations where other systems would result in a health hazard.  To be in compliance with the BC Sewerage System Regulation an Environmental Health Officer must issue a permit.  Plans and specifications are to be prepared by an Authorized Person. 

Note: Payment for a holding tank permit is non-refundable.  Prior to making payment, contact our HBE Team to review your proposal.


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