​Planning for Healthier Communities
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This information is primarily for local governments, developers and anyone interested in creating healthier communities.

How planning affects the health of the population

Communities are healthier places for residents when planning and development includes healthy planning principles as part of neighbourhood design, transportation networks, natural environments, food networks and housing. Well-designed communities, parks, schools, road systems and other infrastructure encourages physical activity and healthy eating for all ages which helps to prevent chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes.

Planning resources

Supporting your community

We aim to support the creation of healthy public policy in each unique community in the BC interior by sharing our knowledge of healthy built environments and garnering input from other health professionals on issues such as tobacco reduction and community nutrition. We offer the healthy community perspective specific to each community’s planning and development processes to help to create community environments which make it easier for people to make healthy choices and live in good health. We present to local governments and community groups, participate in stakeholder workshops and provide comments from a health perspective regarding land use policies and development applications referred to us by local governments and other agencies.


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