Food Security
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Access to nutritious, safe, acceptable, and culturally-appropriate foods

"Community food security exists when all citizens obtain a safe, personally acceptable, nutritious diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes healthy choices, community self reliance and equal access for everyone" - Bellows and Hamm, 2003.

The Food Security and Community Nutrition Program aims to promote the growth of healthy and sustainable food systems where the healthy choice is always the easiest choice.

The Public Health Dietitian(s) support numerous community based food security initiatives throughout the Interior Health region. A community capacity building approach is used to ensure that communities have the knowledge and skills to move food security initiatives forward on their own behalf.

Community Food Action Initiative

The Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI), aims to build capacity in Interior communities to address food security. It is a collaborative effort between local communities, Interior Health’s Public Health Dietitian(s), and the Ministry of Health.

Goals of the Community Food Action Initiative:

  • Increase awareness about food security.
  • Increase access to local healthy food.
  • Increase food knowledge & skills.
  • Increase community capacity to address local food security.
  • Increase development & use of policy that supports community food security

Limited CFAI grant funding is available through Interior Health to address local and regional food security priorities.

NEW!  Applications for CFAI Single Year grants are now being accepted!  Please see the 2021-2022 Application Guide for more details.

Examples of past single year projects that have received CFAI funding include food forums, food growing workshops, gleaning pilot projects, food policy work and Indigenous food sovereignty activities like hunting camps.

Local food initiatives

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