About Hilltop House

Hilltop House is a 6 bed adult tertiary specialized residential facility. The program is for individuals with a serious and persistent mental illness who require a longer stay in facility to develop the knowledge and skills to move to a higher level of independence. 
Programming at Hilltop House is provided by a multidisciplinary team including nurses, occupational therapists, rehabilitation workers, social workers, recreation assistances and psychiatrists.  This program is focused on rehabilitation and recovery with the goal of preparing individuals for community reintegration.  Admission is by physician referral only.

The programs within the tertiary umbrella of services are provided within the service delivery framework of psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery.   Rehabilitation combines empowering principles with practical strategies in facilitating recovery for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness.  The goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals by assisting them to assume responsibility over their lives and to function as actively and independently in society as possible.  The programs are designed to both strengthen the individual’s skills and to develop the environmental supports necessary to sustain the individual in the community. 

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