Thompson View Lodge

Thompson View Lodge

About Thompson View Lodge

Thompson View Lodge, located in Ashcroft within a bock of the hospital,  provides assisted living units for seniors and persons with disabilities and embodies a Social Model of Care.
The assisted living section of the building consists of 10 publicly subsidized one-bedroom units all on the main floor. All units have doors that exit on the street or back of the building.
Where do I get more information about Assisted Living?
Learn about the services, costs and more.  Visit theassisted living page of this site.
How do I access this service?
Please do not contact the facility directly. All of our facilities are accessed through a case manager. Visit theassisted living page of this site for more information.
Where can I get more information about this facility?
Find out about the type of accommodation available, amenities, social and recreational opportunities, costs, safety and security features, pet policies and more.Visit the Thompson View Lodge assisted living facility page to learn more.

Available Services

50.7343532, -121.2794833

Available Amenities

Pets Allowed
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