Kelowna General Hospital - Women's Services Clinic

Kelowna General Hospital - Women's Services Clinic
Types of abortion 
IH locations offering these services

Surgical abortion

Medical Abortion

Other locations providing abortion services may be available in Interior Health. For more information, including where to access services in your area, please visit Options for Sexual Health, or phone the Sex Sense Line: 1-800-739-7367.

Other BC Locations offering these services
  • Pregnancy Options Line: 1-888-875-3163 throughout B.C. or 604-875-3163 from the Lower Mainland. This service provides information, resources and referral for all abortion services, including counselling. These services are available to B.C. residents
  • Sex Sense Line: 1-800-SEX-SENSE (1-800-739-7367) throughout B.C. or 604-731-7803 from the Lower Mainland or This service offers general sexual and reproductive health information. They also provide referral to resources throughout B.C. and may know of abortion providers near you as they maintain a list of local providers in over 35 communities in BC and Yukon
  • Options for Sexual Health


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