Community Engagement
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Help shape health care

Why do we engage communities?

We are committed to working together to promote better health and to deliver quality, safe care for the various populations in Interior Health’s wide geographic region. 

The health-care system impacts everyone at some point during their lives – whether they are seeking assistance with lifestyle changes, receiving care in a hospital, care facility or at home, or managing a chronic illness. Interior Health wants to make use of that knowledge and experience, bringing diverse voices to the table and enriching the dialogue on health service planning and delivery.

How do we engage?

Community engagement can encompass a wide variety of activities from information sharing to consultation and collaboration.

Engagement initiatives can include client/family councils, partnerships with community organizations, focus groups and workshops, and presentation/dialogue opportunities with municipal Councils, Regional Hospital Districts and community organizations.

Want to get involved?

Interior Health frequently involves members of the public through the Patient Voices Network to ensure the patient’s voice is heard in program planning, service delivery, and evaluation. Patient representatives have been involved in:

  • Cardiac Services Review
  • Central Okanagan Shared Care Committee
  • Central Okanagan Patient and Family Centred Care Steering Committee
  • Diabetes Patient Journey Mapping
  • End of Life Collaborative
  • Home and Community Care Brochure
  • Patient Journey Mapping for Seniors with Chronic Disease (Royal Inland Hospital)
  • Regional Stroke Leadership Committee  
  • Surgical Review Steering Committee
  • Website Redesign

To be considered for future opportunities, please contact the Patient Voices Network.

How does your feedback make a difference?

The input we receive helps us better understand the patient’s perspective so that programs and services can be designed to be effective, coordinated, and streamlined. Beyond direct health care, we also work closely with our facility neighbours to identify and mitigate concerns related to construction, traffic, noise, and parking.

Want to learn more?

Our engagement framework, Working Together: Interior Health's approach to public participation and partnership in health services, provides an outline of the principles and benefits of engagement, and explains how we will evaluate engagement opportunities and options for public participation. No matter which option is selected, Interior Health believes involving our clients and the communities we serve in the planning and decision-making process will foster sustainable health-care services.


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