Interior Voices
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Welcome to Interior Voices, an Interior Health podcast series. Please join us for bi-weekly installments produced by Aboriginal Health and Wellness Communications where we’ll explore the intersection of health and culture in the workplace, our everyday lives, and patient care. Subscribe to the series on iTunes.


Episode 1: Introductions

In this first episode, we’ll get to know our hosts and talk a little bit about future episodes in the series. 

Episode 2: Traditional Territory Acknowledgements

Following the recent implementation of a Traditional Territory Acknowledgement Policy, Kris and Vanessa return to provide some pointers to help us make an acknowledgement in a good way.

Episode 2: Traditional Territory Acknowledgement Examples

Episode 2: Resources
Episode 2: Resources only accessible inside the IH network
Episode 2: What others are saying about Territory Acknowledgements

Your hosts

Kris Murray

Kris is a Practice Lead with the Aboriginal Health Team. Kris is a Métis woman and a strong, passionate advocate for Métis health. She has experience working in First Nation school health, nutrition policy, and spent her time before Interior Health at the Ministry of Health in Alberta working in Aboriginal Health policy.

She loves to talk health equity, politics, and community-based participatory research... so yeah, elevator rides in her company are awesome.

In her time outside of work Kris enjoys cycling and running, either away from bears or towards a glass of red wine. She lives in the East Kootenays, on the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation.

Vanessa Mitchell

Vanessa is an Okanagan woman, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and mother. Her passions are advocating for Indigenous families and building relationships within the institutions that serve them. Vanessa’s had the opportunity to work within both urban and on-reserve Aboriginal organizations with youth, elders, leadership and grassroots’ peoples and initiatives.

She often reflects upon health equity, politics of distraction, Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous research, and what she calls the (lost) art of visiting.

When she is not at work she can be found walking in the beauty of nature to reconnect and recharge, or with her family and loved ones. Vanessa was born and raised in the traditional territory of her people, the Okanagan.

Sheila Lewis

Sheila Lewis is Plains Cree and Skeetchestn and lives in the Central Okanagan. Currently, Sheila is an IH Practice Lead, Aboriginal Mental Wellness in the Mental Health & Substance Use department.

Sheila comes to Interior Health from community and nation based Indigenous non-profits. She has been privileged to be a leader in Outreach Services, Housing Services, and Mental Health Services for urban and on-reserve Aboriginal populations.

Sheila loves working in teams and enjoys work that centres on knowledge sharing, transfer, and translation. Personally, Sheila is an avid swimmer with a goal to do Swim Across the Lake and Rattlesnake Swim and has a goal to experience as many BC hiking trails as possible.




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