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Welcome to Interior Voices, an Interior Health podcast series. Please join us for bi-weekly installments produced by Aboriginal Health and Wellness Communications where we’ll explore the intersection of health and culture in the workplace, our everyday lives, and patient care.

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Episode 15: Meditech and the Circle of Care 
In Episode 15, Sheila Lewis sits down with members of the Aboriginal Mental Wellness and Substance Use team to discuss Interior Health’s response to the opioid crisis.
Episode 15: Resources

Episode 14: Meditech and the Circle of Care 

In Episode 14, Senior Clinical Analyst Hanna Kushner joins the team for a discussion of Meditech and the Circle of Care in Aboriginal Communities.
Episode 14: Resources
Episode 14: Resources only accessible inside the IH network

Episode 13: IH Aboriginal Recruitment and Retention

In Episode 13, Aboriginal Recruiter Shirlie Delacherois and Aboriginal Employment Advisor Tracey Mooney discuss recruitment and retention with the team.
Episode 13: Resources

Episode 13: Resources only accessible inside the IH network


Episode 12: Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples' Day

In Episode 12, the team celebrates National Indigenous Peoples’ Day and talks with Andrew Pattison, Corporate Director for Support Services; Dietitian Megan Dark; and Donna Koenig, Manager for Support Services in  Oliver and Osoyoos about the role of Traditional Foods in the celebration as well as work underway to incorporate traditional and traditional-inspired foods throughout the year.

Episode 12: Resources


Episode 11: Language Matters 

In Episode 11, Kris, Vanessa, and Sheila discuss the importance of the language we use to describe  ourselves and others, and the world we live in.

Episode 11: Resources


 Episode 11: Resources only accessible inside the IH network
  • iLearn Courses for all new and current staff:
    Course ID 1844: Differing Perspectives on Health and Wellness through a Cultural Lens
    Course ID 1843: The Aboriginal Landscape
    Course ID 1845: Colonization as a Social Determinant to Health
    Course ID 1842: What is Aboriginal Cultural Safety?

Episode 10: Cultural Safety and Physicians

Vanessa Mitchell shares her interviews with Dr. Glenn Fedor and Dr. Nicole Robbins; Chris Macklin introduces a new series of cultural safety videos featuring IH physicians.
Episode 10: Resources
  • RobbinsFullInterview.mp3Dr. Nicole Robbins (full audio interview)
  • Cultural safety video series
    Dr. Harsh Hundal: Aboriginal cultural safety, compassion and relational practice
    Dr. Trevor Corneil: Health and wellness impacts of the colonial narrative
    Dr. Selena Lawrie: Self awareness and acknowledging potential biases within health practice
    Dr. Ed Hardy: Acknowledging diverse Aboriginal perspectives regarding health and wellness
    Dr. Karin Goodison: Listening to clients’ stories within physician practice
    Dr. Kamran Golmohammadi: Adopting a more relational approach in physician practice
    Dr. Sue MacDonald: Becoming a champion for cultural safety within physician practice

Episode 9: An Interview with Dr. Ron Cameron 

In Episode 9, Kris and Sheila travel to Trail where they spend time with Dr. Ron Cameron and learn about his journey to cultural safety.
Episode 9: Resources


Episode 8: Celebrating Indigenous Nurses

In Episode 8, Vanessa, Kris, and Sheila return for a celebration of Aboriginal nurses, the variety of paths they have chosen, and the roles they hold within IH. Our hosts our joined by nurses Michelle McFarlane, Rose Melnyk, and Judy Sturm.
Episode 8: Resources


Episode 7: Cultural Safety Part 2

In Episode 7, Vanessa, Kris, and Sheila trace the evolution of Interior Health’s cultural safety program and Vanessa interviews cultural safety team members Rachel Cutler and Stacy Turchot.

Episode 7: Resources only accessible inside the IH network

Episode 6: Meet the Cultural Safety Team

Hosts Sheila Lewis and Kris Murray meet with members of Interior Health's new team for a discussion of the Journey to Cultural Safety.
Episode 6: Resources
  Episode 6: Resources only accessible inside the IH network:


Host Sheila Lewis talks with Aboriginal Mental Wellness Director Judy Sturm about her personal and career journey, how to be an ally, and the importance of Aboriginal Self Identification.
Episode 5: Resources

Episode 5: Resources only accessible inside the IH network


Episode 4: Aboriginal Mental Wellness Plan

Host Sheila Lewis talks with Aboriginal Mental Wellness Director Judy Sturm about the Aboriginal Mental Wellness Plan.

 Episode 4: Resources



Episode 3: Aboriginal Patient Navigators

In episode 3, our hosts return for a discussion with Aboriginal Patient Navigators Deb Donald and Cassie Michell.

 Episode 3: Resources



Episode 2: Traditional Territory Acknowledgements

Following the recent implementation of a Traditional Territory Acknowledgement Policy, Kris and Vanessa return to provide some pointers to help us make an acknowledgement in a good way.
Episode 2: Traditional Territory Acknowledgement Examples

Episode 2: Resources
Episode 2: Resources only accessible inside the IH network
Episode 2: What others are saying about Territory Acknowledgements


In this first episode, we’ll get to know our hosts and talk a little bit about future episodes in the series. 


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