​Patient Addition or Removal Request Form
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Process to request provider addition to or removal from patient admission/registration and report misdirected records belonging to Interior Health.
If you received misdirected records from another Health Authority or laboratory organization, do not complete this form; please send your correction request to the appropriate referral facility below:
Most common privacy office or contact phone numbers:
Fraser Health: 604-953-5015 (x 767071)  
Vancouver Coastal Health: 604-875-5568
Northern Health: 250-565-5822  
Vancouver Island Health: 250-519-1870 (Ext. 1)
Providence Health: 604-806-8336  
LifeLabs: 604-431-7206
Provincial Health: 604-707-5834  
Valley Medical Labs (VML): 250-763-4813
* For CDC, BCCH, BCCA reports, contact Provincial Health.
An accurate patient record is critical to ensuring timely and appropriate health care. When providers move/retire, patients change health care providers, or data entry errors occur, this may result in records being misdirected. The encrypted form allows physicians and healthcare professionals to securely report errors and updates.
Attach any related misdirected IH records with your request specific to each patient.
Please Note: Removal of a copy to provider will only be processed at the request of the ordering provider.
Practitioners may receive copies of laboratory reports if they are listed as the family provider when the patient is registered. If you are not the family provider, please select ‘health record’ and ‘lab record’ below. 

These misdirected records contain details that we need to investigate to ensure appropriate follow-up and resolution is achieved.
Please keep these records in a safe place for 5 business days, in case we need you to resend them. After such time, destroy the records by secure shredding.
NOTE: If a healthcare provider’s contact information needs to be updated, do not complete this form; please call IH IMIT Service Desk 1-855-242-1300 for assistance.

Add a provider or transfer care

Report a misdirected fax or remove provider from IH records (use form below)


This form is intended to be used solely for official purposes by authorized personnel.  Unauthorized access or use may subject violators to criminal, civil and administrative actions.


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