Strategic Direction​​​
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Vision: Health and well-being for all. 

Mission: Working together to improve quality of life for individuals and communities, inspired by innovation and partnership. 



We seek to understand, to listen, and to show kindness, as we treat each other and all people with respect.


We strive for continuous improvement and best outcomes.


We are committed to providing care and services that are safe, and to ensuring people feel culturally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically safe.


We are accountable for our actions and words, guided by honesty and trust.


  1. Improve health and wellness.
  2. Deliver high quality care.
  3. Ensure sustainable health care.
  4. Cultivate an engaged workforce.
​ Strategic Priorities:

IH Strategy Map

Download our Strategic Priorities​ for a visual overview of what Interior Health will do to achieve our vision, mission, and goals.

Ministry of Health Direction

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