Child Care Facilities
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Find out about child care programs and licensing

A community care facilities licence is required for all programs and facilities providing care to three or more children who are not related to the operator by blood or marriage.


Operations in Contravention

Learn about Child Care operations in contravention of the Community Care & Assisted Living Act.

Lead in drinking water

Young children spend a significant amount of time in daycare facilities and it’s important that the water they drink while there is safe. Interior Health is starting a project which involves testing drinking water for lead content in all child care facilities to ensure the water being used for drinking or preparing food is clean and safe. Testing the water gives child care operators and parents assurance that children are not being exposed to high levels of lead while attending the facility. Sampling of drinking water will be done by Licensing Officers and Environmental Health Officers between June and October, 2017.

“As caregivers and parents, we want the best for the kids we care for, which includes comfort in knowing that the water coming out of the tap is clean and safe. That’s why Interior Health feels this testing is important—to ensure drinking water in daycare facilities is in compliance with Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines—and to give peace of mind to operators and parents.” Dr. Sue Pollock, Chief Medical Health Officer.

More information on this project is being sent to child care facilities throughout Interior Health.  If you’re interested in learning more about lead in drinking water, search “lead in drinking water” on the Health Canada website.


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