Food Establishments
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​The following documents provide information to assist food facility operators address, remediate and manage operations to ensure public health safety, during and after power loss events. Operators should also refer to any procedures outlined in their food safety plans, prior to resuming normal operations.

  • Information for water suppliers: Procedures for returning to normal operations after a power outage for food establishments that also hold a drinking water license. Appendix A includes information for flushing building systems after an event.
  • Power outages at food facilities: Food safety considerations for operators after a power outage (e.g., following a wildfire event and power shut-down/evacuation).
  • Drinking water public notifications: General information on drinking water notifications and food preparation and service. Wildfires will often result in public water advisories.
  • Current public water notifications: Searchable database identifying public water systems that are on a boil water notice, water quality advisory or other water notification.



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