Recreational Water
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Keeping your public swimming pools and beaches safe

Recreational water facilities include public beaches, swimming pools, hot tubs, wading pools, and water parks.

Our environmental health officers inspect and approve commercial/public pools and hot tubs regularly for public safety. They also monitor recreational beaches during the swimming season. Our public health engineers also issue construction permits for public and commercial pools.

Beach water quality

Public beaches within Interior Health are monitored for physical hazards and sources of contamination. water quality is tested during the swimming season June to September. Find out more by visiting our beach information page.

It is recommended that beach owners review the How to Create a Beach Safety Plan.

Constructing, altering & renovating a pool, hot tub or water park

You must receive approval from Interior Health before constructing a new public or commercial swimming pool or hot tub. Find out how to apply on our resources page.  

Have a complaint or concern?

If you have a health and safety concern or complaint about a swimming pool or recreational water facility, please contact your local health protection office.

Operating a pool, hot tub or water park

Every operator of a commercial/public recreational water facility (swimming pool, hot tub, or spray/wading pool) must have a valid operating permit. Find out how to apply on our resources page.

Other resources

For more information on application forms, regulations, guidelines, pool safety plan templates, sampling, training organizations/courses, and cleaning instructions, see our resources page.


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