Joint Committees
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Interior Region Aboriginal Wellness Committee

The IRAWC is comprised of Senior Management from Interior Health and representatives from each of the seven First Nations of the Interior Region.  A representative from the Métis Nation BC is also appointed to the committee.

The committee provides advice and recommendations to Interior Health Authority and the Partnership Accord Leadership Table on matters pertinent to the improvement of health and health services for Aboriginal people.

Partnership Accord Leadership Table

The Partnership Accord Leadership Table (PALT) encompasses strategic, joint decision-making by Interior Health Authority and First Nations of the region that is intended to address the needs of First Nations (FN) and Aboriginal peoples' health and wellness interests by:

  • Overseeing and monitoring a joint work plan (developed by the Health and Wellness Committee) to achieve the objectives outlined in the Partnership Accord.
  • Providing leadership and guidance in resolving policy, program and service issues.

Tripartite Committee on First Nations Health

The Tripartite Committee on First Nations Health (TCFNH) provides a forum for discussion on the progress and implementation of the health plans and agreements and promotes effective partnership among BC First Nations, Federal and Provincial Governments and Regional Health Authorities.


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