For Dads and Partners
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​Your partner isn’t the only one expecting a baby; find out what you need to know about pregnancy, childbirth, and bringing baby home. Read more tips for parents to be

The partner’s role in pregnancy  

Share the experience with your partner and learn more about the different weeks of pregnancy.

  • In the early weeks (1st trimester) pregnant women can feel tired and sick. She might be irritable about things that seem minor to you.
  • In the middle months (2nd trimester) many pregnant women find that much of their energy returns, and she may not want or need to be given special treatment any more.
  • Towards the end of pregnancy (3rd trimester) the baby can feel very heavy. The tiredness and irritability of the early weeks often returns and your partner may start to feel frightened about the birth.

Sex during and after pregnancy

  • It is safe to have sex during pregnancy, unless your doctor recommends otherwise. Your developing baby is protected by amniotic fluid and strong muscles in the uterus. Make sure you and your partner are comfortable; try different positions as the pregnancy progresses.
  • You may find it difficult to make love during pregnancy. This can be due to your partners changing shape or your worries about the baby. Talk to your partner and be sensitive to her feelings.
  • After delivery, doctors typically recommend waiting six weeks for mom’s body to recover. Learn more about sex after pregnancy.

Getting ready for delivery

Your baby’s delivery can be a bit intimidating. Learn about what you can do to help it go more smoothly.

  • Make sure you know what to pack for mom and you.  Be sure to pack a sleeping bag and pillow, you may have to stay overnight.
  • Review labour and birth to feel more prepared.

Supporting your partner during labour

You play a critical role in supporting your partner through labour. Learn about the stages of labour and the practical ways you can help her relax and coach through the labour.

Watch a video about labour and birth. Having an idea of what may happen in labour and birth may help you support your partner.

Taking care of your baby

Leaving the hospital with a new baby can be overwhelming. You can be a huge help - find out more. Thinking about using cannabis while parenting? Learn more about smoke-free for infants and children.

Feeling blue

Postpartum depression & anxiety isn’t just for moms.  Dads and partners can experience it too. You may also feel overwhelmed or overtired. You should not ignore your own feelings. Communicate with your partner and talk to other friends. Learn more about:

Infant crying

All babies cry, but vary in how much, how long and what soothes those tears. Learn more about soothing strategies for crying and essentials on preventing shaken baby syndrome.



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