Keep Track of Your Medications
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What you can do to ensure your own medication safety

Here's what your doctor and other health care professionals need to know to provide you with safe and effective care and to ensure your own medication safety.

Print and fill out your personal medication card and carry it in your wallet at all times.  You may need this for any medical appointments, visits to your pharmacist or visits to the hospital.

Why should I use this card?


  • Medication duplication: Your health care professional make sure that you are not taking two forms of the same medicine.
  • Allergies: Your health care professional can ensure that you do not accidentally receive a drug that might harm you
  • Herbal supplements, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and dietary supplements can have interactions with your prescriptions.

Accuracy and completeness

  • A record will provide accurate medication information to different health care providers who may not know what other healthcare providers have recommended or prescribed.


  • In an emergency, this card can provide medical staff with your vital information quickly and effectively.
  • Medication names are hard to remember; in an emergency you may forget what you were taking.


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