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Early detection lends to successful treatment

Since a child’s eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and at play, undiagnosed vision concerns can seriously affect a child’s abilities, success, and confidence at school.

Because vision changes can occur quickly during childhood and may not have any signs, children should be examined regularly throughout the school years. The earlier vision problems are identified the more successfully they can be treated.

Children in kindergarten will be screened at their school by Interior Health vision screeners. It is expected that this will lead to better vision and related health, social, academic, and athletic benefits during the school years. 

Free eye care examinations

All children can receive free eye care examinations (optometrist and ophthalmologist) under the B.C. Medical Services Plan. However, some eye care doctors may charge a small user fee. Please call ahead to inquire.

Some families are eligible for financial assistance with prescription glasses:

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