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Designated visiting times are flexible and vary between facilities

We encourage the family and friends of our patients to come and visit them in the hospital because you are an important part of their recovery.

General guidelines

Please check with staff on the specific unit for details, however below are some general guidelines to follow when visiting a patient.

  • Only two visitors should visit at a time.
  • If nursing or medical care is to be given, visitors must leave the room if asked to by the patient or staff.
  • Visiting hours for special care units on wards may be different from regular visiting hours. Please check with staff on that unit for specific times.

Stay home if you aren't feeling well

We want our patients to have every chance to get well. Do not visit the hospital if you are feeling unwell (for example, have a cold or flu) or have been near someone else who is ill.

It is also important to wash your hands or use available alcohol-based liquid/foam hand sanitizers before and after visiting a person in hospital.


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