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Below IH resources are for use by physicians and other health care providers and only within the intended patient care settings indicated.

expand Category : Diabetes in Pregnancy ‎(2)
IH Gestational and Pre Gestational Type 2 Intrapartum and Postpartum Pre Printed OrdersAdultIn hospital - physician use
expand Category : Diabetes in Schools ‎(4)
Diabetes Medication Administration FormPhysician use
Your Health: Diabetes in Schools
expand Category : DKA and HHS ‎(4)
Pre Printed OrderAdultIn hospital - physician use
Ongoing Management (post initial 2 hrs) Pre Printed OrderPediatricIn hospital - physician use
expand Category : Hypoglycemia Treatment ‎(3)
Protocol - Long-term CareAdultLong-term care - nursing use
Self Learning PackageAdultIn hospital & long-term care
expand Category : Insulin Pump Self Management ‎(6)
Patient QuestionaireIn hospital
Patient LogIn hospital
Video: Physician Training
expand Category : Subcutaneous Insulin Toolkit ‎(8)
Insulin Subcutaneous Pre Printed Order – NPOAdultIn hospital - physician use
Insulin Administration and BGM Record – NPOAdultIn hospital - nursing use
Video: Insulin Action Times
Video: Staff Training Presentation
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