Operational Approvals
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‚ÄčEthical Approval is obtained via an application for ethical review to the IH Research Ethics Board or via a harmonized ethical review application using the Provincial Research Ethics Platform (when two or more institutions are involved).

Use the IH Project Navigation Map for your Evaluation/ Quality Improvement/ Research project for project definitions, review processes, contacts and resources. 

An Operational Approval form is used by the IH Research Department to determine what human or physical resources may be requested from IH for the purposes of your research.

As of October 2018, the IH Research Department launched an online Study Intake and Operational Approval process. We encourage all researchers submitting new studies for approval within Interior Health to complete the online Study Intake Form. For Confidentiality reasons, the documents submitted for ethical approval are not shared beyond the IH REB, so there is a small degree of overlap in questions used for the two different processes.


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