Pre-clinical Phase
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‚ÄčIt is never too late to introduce healthy living choices

Client and caregiver groups told us that they wanted to know what they could do to reduce their personal risk for developing a dementia, or if they already had a diagnosis of dementia, what they could do to slow down the losses associated with the disease.

While it is too soon to talk about "dementia prevention", evidence shows that healthy living behaviours are associated with a reduction in cerebrovascular burden, and slowing the rate of cognitive decline

The good news is that it is never too late to introduce healthy living choices!

Learn more about the pre-clinical phase of dementia.

Clinical practice recommendations

The following are fully referenced research reviews and evidenced-informed recommendations for education, program planning, and clinical practice.


The clinical toolkit for the pre-clinical phase includes client and caregiver teaching materials, practice guidelines for hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic disease management tools.

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