We Are IH: A rewarding career of 21 years and accounting

August 10, 2023
Natasha poses for a picture in the Stoyoma Mountain area. Behind her is the site of a famous plane crash. The area has a lot geocaches to discover, which is one of her hobbies.

Name: Natasha Nel
Job Title: Accounts Receivable - Accounting Assistant
Years of Service: 21
Worksite: Lansdowne Centre
Community: Kamloops
Ancestral Territory: T'Kemlups  
Favourite Quote / Advice to live by: Try to be kind, helpful, and share knowledge.  Learning doesn't stop after school.

For Natasha Nel, over 20 years with Interior Health in Accounts Receivable has added up to a rewarding career.

“I like puzzles and troubleshooting, learning new tools to help me and others with our work, and learning new software as I use quite a few different ones for my work,” said Natasha, who was born in Saskatoon and spent the majority of her childhood in Burnaby.


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