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Ethics is everywhere in health care because every person matters

Ethics is the discipline that examines who we ought to be and what we ought to do in light of who we say we are. Ethics is reflected in thoughtful decision-making that considers values, consequences, and options to make choices that respect the harms and benefits for those involved.

Interior Health takes its commitment to promoting an ethical culture seriously. We are building the organization’s capacity and providing support to health-care providers in dealing with ethical issues. It is essential that we meet the highest ethical standards when delivering quality health care and providing services to the people we serve.

Interior Health Ethics Framework

The IH Ethics Framework supports staff, physicians and volunteers with clarifying ethical questions and making decisions when faced with challenging ethical dilemmas in any health-care domain. The revised framework launched in April 2017 provides support for ethical issues in all domains: business, clinical, health technology, projects, public health and research.

Ethics Council

The Ethics Council provides oversight for the integration of ethics across Interior Health. The Council is responsible for the development and implementation of the ethics framework and monitoring the use of ethics resources to support ethical practice.

Ethics resources

Business Ethics

IH is committed to fostering integrity in our workplace and supports our staff with ethical business and workplace practices.

Clinical Ethics

Clinical ethics is focused on promoting the provision of medically appropriate care with primary consideration to the needs, values and preferences of the person receiving care.

Clinical Ethics Committees support patients, families and health care providers with identifying and finding resolution for ethical issues in clinical care.

Health Technology Ethics

Health Technology Assessment uses standardized criteria to evaluate and support decisions involving the implementation of new and proven technologies or the disinvestment of obsolete technologies across the health authority.

Project Ethics

All projects involving people and their private information require ethics review using the ARECCI© process. Ethics must be considered in all stages of a project and using the tools will guide project teams in managing the ethical concerns identified during project development. Using an ethical review framework and a validated process to review projects that helps to ensure that we protect the people we serve, our staff, and the organization. 

Public Health Ethics

Public Health is concerned with the collective interests of a population (the public, a group, society, or community) for the common good. Many public health activities are not carried out independently; there is often a strong relationship with municipal, provincial or federal government influence where policy and practice intersect. Ethical issues may occur in any of the core public health functions: health protection, disease and injury prevention, health promotion, health assessment and surveillance, and emergency preparedness and response.

For public health consulation contact the Office of the Medical Health Officer.

Research Ethics

The Research Ethics Board provides ethical review of all research involving human participants that is conducted under the auspices of Interior Health to ensure the protection of participants, researchers and the organization.

For more information see Research Ethics Board.

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