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​Library of MHO Updates for Physicians

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5/17/2021MHO Update - May 17, 2021
Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis (RPEP) in the Emergency Department
8/31/2020PHO Notice - August 31, 2020
PHO Notice to Report Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in Children and Adolescents (MIS-C)
8/28/2020MHO Alert - August 28, 2020
Testing Asymptomatic Individuals for COVID-19
7/23/2020MHO Alert - July 23, 2020
Update: Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis (RPEP) in the Emergency Department

Includes information on assessing wound, administering vaccine, and documentation and referral processes.
4/24/2020MHO Alert - April 24, 2020
Guidance for COVID-19 Testing by Nucleic Acid Tests (NATs)

Please note that the situation continues to evolve rapidly and the criteria for screening and testing may change.
4/7/2020MHO Alert - April 7, 2020
Update: COVID-19 Assessment and Testing Guidance
3/16/2020MHO Alert - March 16, 2020
Update: COVID-19 Assessment and Testing Guidance
Please note that the situation continues to evolve rapidly and the criteria for screening and testing may change.
3/13/2020MHO Alert - March 13, 2020
Update: COVID-19 Assessment and Testing Guidance
Please note that the situation continues to evolve rapidly and the criteria for screening and testing may change.
2/28/2020MHO Alert - February 28, 2020
Updated: COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Assessment and Testing Guidance
2/12/2020MHO Alert - February 12, 2020
Updated: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Screening and Testing
2/6/2020MHO Alert - February 6, 2020
Updated: Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Screening and Testing
1/27/2020MHO Alert - January 27, 2020
Updated: Guidance for Assessment of Potential Novel Coronavirus (includes: Novel Coronavirus; MHO and CD Unit contact information; Patients under investigation; Swab Collection)
1/24/2020MHO Alert - January 24, 2020
Guidance for Assessment of Potential Novel Coronavirus
1/17/2020MHO Alert - January 17, 2020
2019-nCov Outbreak: Clinical Presentation; Transmission; Reporting of Suspect Cases; Patient Testing; Infection Control; Travel Advice for Patients
12/16/2019MHO Update - December 16, 2019
Real time, interactive drinking water advisory map at Drinking Water for Everyone; Requirements of BC’s new Vaccine Status Reporting Regulation; Syphilis Outbreak and Screening in Pregnancy; Reporting of Pulmonary Illness associated with
10/1/2019MHO Update - October 1, 2019
New Reporting Requirements for Severe Pulmonary Disease Associated with Vaping or Dabbing; Influenza Vaccine Campaign Update #1;Immediately Notifiable Communicable Diseases
10/1/20192019-10 MHO Update Vaping, Influenza and Communicable Diseases
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) has received reports of over 530 possible cases of severe pulmonary disease and 7 deaths associated with vaping1 or dabbing2, which are dispersed in 38 states.
8/29/2019MHO Alert - Aug. 29, 2019
A case of Trichinella infection has been confirmed in a Penticton resident who consumed ground bear meat distributed by local community organizations between June 1, 2019 and August 19, 2019.
7/18/2019MHO Update - July 18, 2019
Rabies and Animal Exposures
5/27/2019MHO Update - May 27, 2019
Measles Testing Post-Immunization and
Post MMR Rash
3/29/2019MHO Update - March 29, 2019
Late Season Influenza Activity; Consideration for Empiric Antiviral Treatment
2/19/2019MHO Update - February 19, 2019
Measles Update
1/31/2019MHO Update - January 31, 2019
Influenza Update;Flu Vaccinations;Measles Outbreak;Measles Vaccinations;Testing Guide Quick;Reference For
Communicable Diseases;HIV PEP & PrEP Education
11/22/2018MHO Update - November 22, 2018
Influenza Update; Fluzone HD Update; Acute Flaccid Mylelitis
(AFM); Parotitis and Influenza
9/14/2018MHO Update - September 14, 2018
Measles Update
8/15/2018MHO Update - August 15, 2018
Revised Case Report Form Partner Notification; gbMSM Roadshow; Physician Education Opportunity; HIV PrEP; HIV PEP
6/15/2018MHO Update - June 15, 2018
Ticks and Lyme Disease; Rabies Information; IH Having a Baby Website Refresh
5/25/2018MHO Alert - May 25, 2018
Ebola Disease Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Action and Advice; Background on EVD; Suggested Resources
3/28/2018MHO Update - March 28, 2018
Management of Opioid Use Disorders; HIV Pre Exposure; Prophylaxis (PrEP) HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP); HIV Prevention Education; Active Play; Fostering Healthy Eating
Habits; National Immunization Awareness Week (NIAW); Pertussis
2/14/2018MHO Update - February 14, 2018
Meningococcal Outbreak Over
12/29/2017MHO Update - December 29, 2017
Update on Invasive Meningococcal disease in the Okanagan Region
12/21/2017MHO Alert - December 21, 2017
Update on Meningococcal disease in the Okanagan
12/14/2017MHO Alert - December 14, 2017
Meningococcal disease in the Okanagan
11/17/2017MHO Alert - November 17, 2017
Meningococcal Disease Update
11/9/2017MHO Alert - November 9, 2017
Meningococcal Disease
11/2/2017MHO Update - November 2, 2017
Influenza Season 2017-2018 Update; Adverse Reaction Following Immunization (AEFI); Serological Testing for Workers and Students in Healthcare Professions; STOP HIV Survey Reminder for Primary Care Providers; Update on Overdose Public Health Emergency
9/27/2017MHO Update - September 27, 2017
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS); Influenza Immunization Program; STOP HIV Survey
9/1/2017MHO Alert - September 1, 2017
Hepatitis A Alert for Residents of British Columbia
8/3/2017MHO Alert - August 3, 2017
Relapsing Fever Due to Borrelia Hermsii; Clinical Symptoms,  Testing, Treatment and Recommendations
7/28/2017MHO Alert - July 28, 2017
Increased Pertussis Activity in South Okanagan
7/24/2017MHO Update - July 24, 2017
Do You Know Your Patients HIV Status?; Online Addiction Medicine Diploma Program; Information on the Number of HIV Tests You are Doing at Your Practice; Interactive Immunization
5/24/2017MHO Update - May 24, 2017
Zoonotic Diseases; Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease; HPV immunization for boys; Ordering measles serology, what’s your purpose? Immunity vs. diagnosis; Testing for lead in drinking water at schools
3/9/2017MHO Update - March 2017
Call for Physician Support; Mumps; Palliative First Nation Patients; Infection Reflection Newsletter
12/14/2016MHO Update - December 14, 2016
Update on Overdose Public Health Emergency in BC; Reminder Rotavirus Vaccine; Pertussis Activity Continues in IH; Call for Physicians to Support Response to the BC Public Health Emergency
10/13/2016MHO Update - October 13, 2016
Influenza Season; Enterovirus D-68; BC West Nile Surveillance; PHN's to Screen for Perinatal Depression
7/18/2016MHO Update - July 18, 2016
Overdose Public Health Emergency; BC Update on Sexually Transmitted Infections; Foodborne Illness Detection; Heightened Pertussis Activity Continues in IH
5/19/2016MHO Update - May 19, 2016
On Demand HIV Test Program; Quadrivalent Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine for Grade 9 Students; GetCheckedOnline; Pearls for Immunization Practice; Online Learning Module: Trans Rights Toolkit; Infection Prevention and Control Newsletter
2/1/2016MHO Update February 1, 2016
Zika Virus Guidance; Influenza Update; Pertussis Update; Refugee Health Planning within IH; HPV vaccine Program for Males Launched in BC; Infection Reflections; Staffing Announcement
9/23/2015MHO Update September 23, 2015
Fall Influenza Immunization Update; Adverse Reactions (AEFI); Resources for Immunizers; Pneumococcal Vaccine; Vaccine Order Form; Vaccine Usage Reporting Form
8/6/2015MHO Alert - August 6, 2015
Alert - Pertussis on the rise
7/6/2015MHO Update July 6, 2015
Air quality and wildfires; Locally-acquired cyclosporiasis; Update on MERS-CoV; Update on Ebola
5/28/2015MHO Update May 28, 2015
Outbreak of Salmonella
5/8/2015MHO Update May 8, 2015
Physician Vaccines; Cefixime Shortage Resolved; Smoke-free Environment; Measles Update
3/25/2015MHO Update March 25, 2015
Referring Pregnant Women to Healthy From the Start; Immunization Infographic; One-Time HPV Cervarix® Vaccine Program; Acting Chief Medical Health Officer
2/10/2015MHO Update February 10, 2015
Health Alert: Measles Update
1/5/2015MHO Update - January 5, 2015
Physicians Survey; Current Influenza Activity; School Anaphylaxis
10/27/2014Provincial Health Officer Update - October 27, 2014
Guidance for Clinical Staff in Primary Care Settings
10/17/2014MHO Update October 17, 2014
Update on Ebola Virus Disease with Algorithms for Assessment of Potential EVD in Acute & Community Settings (also includes Situation Update, Interior Health Status, Action & Advice, Background on EVD, Treatment, Suggested Resources)
9/17/2014MHO Update September 17, 2014
Enterovirus D68; Pertussis
9/8/2014MHO Update September 8, 2014
Influenza Update; Adverse Reaction; Resources; Pneumococcal Vaccine
7/1/2014MHO Update - July 2014
Methadone Workshop; Pertussis Cases; Enterics Update; Water Safety
7/1/2014MHO Alert - July 2014
Ebola Alert
6/1/2014MHO Update - June 2014
Measles Update
5/1/2014MHO Update - May 2014
Measles Update; Adult Vaccines; HPV; Childhood Immunizations; BC Healthy Connections Project; Electronic Cigarettes; Ticks and Lyme Disease; Bats and Rabies; Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus (WNv)
3/1/2014MHO Update March 2014
Measles Update
2/4/2014MHO Update - February 4, 2014
Epidemiology; Influenza Vaccine; Expanded Antiviral Coverage; Infection Control; Enhanced Surveillance
1/1/2014MHO Update January 2014
Change to Metha-done Formulation; Healthy From the Start Expands IH Wide; Glucagon Administration Training for Schools; Maternal Codeine Use in Breastfeeding
12/6/2013MHO Update December 6, 2013
Influenza Updates - Vaccine Dosages for Children; Agriflu; FluMist; Influenza Control Program - Physician Resources; Current Influenza and Respiratory Virus Circulation
11/1/2013MHO Update November 2013
Mumps Testing, Symptoms and Duration
10/1/2013MHO Update October 2013
Stop HIV/Aides in IHA; Healthcare Worker Influenza Immunization; IH Oseltamivir Pre-Printed Orders Revision; New Single Dose Auto-Injector School Anaphlaxis Product
9/1/2013MHO Update September 2013
Fall 2013 Influenza Immunization Update: Ordering Vaccine; Adverse Reactions Following Immunizations; Resources for Immunizers; Pneumococcal Vaccine
5/1/2013MHO Update May 2013
IH Stop HIV/AIDS Program; Physician Interest in Delivering Child Immunizations; Ticks & Lyme Disease; Bats & Rabies; Mosquitoes & West Nile Virus
3/1/2013MHO Update March 2013
Pharmacist Access to Publicly Funded Vaccines in BC; Testing for Hep C; TB in IH; Changes to IH TST Practices
12/1/2012MHO Update December 2012
Physician Survey; Winter Influenza Season
10/31/2012MHO Update October 31, 2012
Health Canada Annoucement: Agriflu and Fluad influenza vaccines authorized for use in Canada
10/27/2012MHO Update October 27, 2012
Health Canada Announcement Suspending Distribution: Do Not Use Agriflu or Fluad Vaccines
10/8/2012MHO Update October 9, 2012
Prescription Opioid Overdose Deaths of Persons with Chronic Pain in the Interior Health Region
10/1/2012MHO Update October 2012
Health Staff & Physicians Human Infections with Novel Coronavirus; Updated IH Guidelines for Respiratory Outbreaks in Residential Care; Family Physician Servey - Routine Childhood Immunizations
9/1/2012MHO Update September 2012
Fall 2012 Influenza Vaccine Update
8/1/2012MHO Update Aug 2012
Pertussis Activity in Interior Health
7/1/2012MHO Update July 2012
Gastrointestinal illness associated with mountain parks; Ensure routine pertussis immunizations are up to date; HPV vaccine still available; New Prenatal Registry; Unassisted childbirths
5/1/2012MHO Update May 2012
Domperidone & Breastfeeding; 2012 Bugs and Drugs Antimicrobial Reference Guide; Ticks, Lyme Disease & Tick Paralysis; Bats & Rabies; Mosquitoes & West Nile Virus (WNv); Mice & Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)
4/1/2012MHO Update April 2012
Public Health & Primary Care; Cervarix; Cleft Lip/Palate Team Clinics; After Hours Palliative Nursing Service
1/1/2012MHO Update January 2012
Hep A Vaccine in Aboriginal Persons; Change in the Varicella Vaccine Schedule; Closure of Interior Health STI Clinics; Ecstasy Alert; Respiratory Illness in IH
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