Infection Control
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Our commitment to infection prevention and control

The safety of patients, staff, physicians, and visitors is of paramount importance to Interior Health. A key element of our safety culture is the prevention and control of infection. We are striving to implement a full program of infection prevention measures through education and awareness campaigns.

The overarching goal of Infection Prevention & Control is to prevent infections from occurring in patients,  clients, physicians, and employees. If, for whatever reason, an individual with an infection is in a facility or program, the goal of Infection Prevention & Control is to prevent the infectious agent spreading to others.  Review our Infection Prevention & Control Manual.

Learn more about healthcare associated infection surveillance by visiting the Provincial Infection Control Network of British Columbia website.

Annual reports

Healthcare associated infection reports

Hand hygiene audits

Interior Health recognizes that good hand hygiene plays a significant role in preventing the spread of infections. We encourage visitors and patients to regularly clean their hands when visiting our facilities, and we expect the same of our staff. Hand hygiene audits are conducted regularly as part of our commitment to patient safety and results are updated on a quarterly basis.

Last updated April 2021.

For a provincial picture of hand hygiene compliance, visit the Provincial Infection Control Network (PICNet) website which includes hand hygiene audit results from all provincial health authorities in an annual report format.

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