Care Management
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Services coordinated to meet your health-care needs

Care managers coordinate care for people with complex health needs requiring extra, ongoing support to live at home independently.

Their goal is to help people live at home safely and avoid unnecessary or premature admission to a hospital or care facility.

Care management is one of the many Home & Community services we offer.  

What services are available?

Care managers work with you, your circle of care and family, your doctor and/or other health care professionals to help you determine:

  • what services best meet your needs and situation
  • how your family and community can best support you to meet your needs
  • what services are available
  • how long you need these services
  • costs, if applicable

The care manager will then: 

  • work with you and your Most Responsible Clinician (MRC) to develop a care plan
  • arrange for services
  • review and make changes as your care needs change

Am I eligible?

You must meet eligibility requirements to receive Home and Community Care services.

Is there a cost?

This service is free of charge, however, there may be a fee for certain services, supplies and/or equipment. Visit the Costs page of our Home & Community care section to learn more.

How do I access this service?

Find a Care Management service in your community or visit our accessing services page in the Home and Community Care section of this site to learn more.

Other resources

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