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Help at the push of a button

Interior Health Lifeline is a non-profit program assisting individuals maintain their independence and remain safe. The program provides an emergency response and personal medication dispensers to residents living in the Shuswap and North, Central, and South Okanagan areas. Outside of the Okanagan, you can access Lifeline services through

The HomeSafe buttons provides an emergency response at home. The regular-style button must be pressed, while an auto-alert style button can detect most falls from a standing position.

The GoSafe auto-alert button provides an emergency response anywhere in Canada.

Worn as a neck or wrist style help button, you or your loved one will be able to summon help in an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Personal Medication Dispenser can hold up to 60 doses of medication. The dispenser supports individuals take the right medication at the right time with audio and visual cues. The service automatically alerts a caregiver within 90 minutes of a missed dose.

Am I eligible?

A wide variety of people use Lifeline, including those with physical challenges, older adults and patients with medical conditions.

Lifeline can be helpful if:

  • You are home alone on a frequent basis
  • You are at risk for falls
  • You use adaptive devices to assist you with walking
  • You are managing a medical condition
  • You would feel more comfortable knowing help was always available

Is there a cost?

A one-time installation fee of $40.00 is charged for the set-up of the service. The monthly cost varies depending on the type of service chosen.

Connection to a landline phone:

  • $40.00 per month: regular button for a landline.
  • $50.00 per month: auto alert button for a landline.

Connection to a cell phone:

  • $55.00 per month: regular button for a cell phone.
  • $65.00 per month: auto alert button for a cell phone.

There is no commitment to remain on the program for a set period of time. Call the Lifeline office to cancel anytime.

How do I access this service?

Please call your local Okanagan Lifeline service to find out more or to get lifeline working for you. Outside of the Okanagan, you can access Lifeline services through


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