Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Learn more about assisted living

What is assisted living?
Assisted living offers personal care and hospitality services provided in a private apartment unit. You maintain your independence and privacy while being supported with services such as meals, flat laundry, housekeeping, social and recreational activities and personal care. Assisted living services fit between home health services provided in your home and long-term care services.
What personal care services are provided in an assisted living facility?

A service plan is developed to manage your health and well-being. Depending on your needs, services may include:

  • personal assistance with activities like bathing, grooming and dressing
  • medication management (if necessary)
  • 24-hour emergency response service
  • unscheduled personal care is available
  • security features (i.e., alarm system, locked building, alarm system, etc)
Who works at an assisted living facility?
Each site varies but the following positions are typical of the staff you may find at a publicly subsidized assisted living facility:
  • manager
  • administrative assistant
  • Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse
  • assisted living worker
  • hospitality staff (housekeeping, laundry, cook, etc.)

Rehabilitation therapists, home care nurses and other professionals are accessible through your local Home & Community Care office.

What hospitality services are provided in an assisted living facility?

The following hospitality services are provided:

  • option for three meals per day (basic rent includes cost of two meals per day)
  • organized programs of activities and social opportunities
  • laundry service for linens and towels
  • weekly housekeeping
What is the difference between publicly subsidized units and private pay assisted living facility?
Publicly subsidized assisted living is intended to be affordable for all individuals, regardless of income. Individuals pay 70% of their after-tax income for a full package of services.  Individuals with high incomes pay up to a maximum amount, based on the actual cost of accommodation, hospitality service and personal care.
You must meet the eligibility criteria to live in a publicly subsidized assisted living facility. Eligibility is based on your personal care needs and this funding can not be transferred or used elsewhere.
Private pay assisted living services are available throughout BC. If you are interested in private pay assisted living you can access these programs through the provider and do not need to be assessed by a Interior Health Home Health Case Manager. Accommodation in a private pay facility is offered at market price set by the operator.  For more information on private pay assisted living, please visit
How are individuals protected?

Managers of assisted living communities are required to register with the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar. Each assisted living facility must meet health and safety standards as required by the registrar's office and the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. Assisted living services subsidized by Interior Health are subject to contractual agreements that outline performance and management expectations.

If you have a concern, please meet directly with the people managing your assisted living facility.  If a resolution cannot be reached, or you feel uncomfortable approaching the management directly, contact your case manager or the Office of the Assisted Living Registrar.

What does a typical assisted living unit look like?
Each assisted living facility has its own look and style. Typically, a one bedroom apartment or studio suite includes a kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping area.  Each assisted living unit is designed to maximize independence and privacy.
Can individuals bring their own furniture?
Yes. All Interior Health assisted living suites are unfurnished and individuals are expected to furnish their own suite.
Are individuals allowed to host overnight guests?
Yes. Individuals may host guests overnight on occasion.
Is smoking allowed?
No. Smoking is not permitted in any of the Interior Health assisted living buildings, although some facilities may have a designated outdoor smoking area.  Please check with the assisted living facility if this is important to you. Please note - smoking anywhere in an assisted living facility, when prohibited, can lead to eviction.  Non-smoking bylaws and building rules are strictly enforced.
Are pets allowed?
A limited number of assisted living facilities do permit small pets.  Your local Home & Community Care office will be able to provide you with information about specific sites that allow pets.


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