Assisted Living
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Provides housing, hospitality and personal care services

Assisted living services are provided in a supportive accommodation environment for clients with physical and functional health challenges who can no longer reside at home but are able to make decisions on their own behalf.

Each assisted living unit incorporates all of the following elements:  

  • a private housing unit with a lockable door
  • hospitality services
  • personal care services

What services are available?

Assisted living includes:

  • a private housing unit with a lockable door
  • personal care services
  • two nutritious meals per day, one of which is the main meal
  • access to basic activity programming such as games, music and crafts
  • weekly housekeeping
  • laundering of towels and linens
  • access to laundry equipment for personal laundry
  • heating or air conditioning as necessary to maintain the safety and basic comfort level of the residence
  • a 24-hour emergency response system  

How do I access this service?

Eligibility for publicly subsidized assisted living units is determined by your local Home and Community Care office – you do not need to contact the assisted living residence directly.

Once you are deemed as eligible for a subsidized unit and have agreed to living in an assisted living setting, your name will be placed on a list for an available unit in your preferred residence. The Case Manager will continue to monitor and support your care needs while you await an available unit.

When a unit becomes available, the Case Manager and assisted living staff will need to ensure that the assisted living environment continues to be suitable for you at the time of admission.

Due to the nature of this semi-independent setting, your eligibility may change over time should your health status change.

For more information, view the Office of Assisted Living Registrar website.

Am I eligible?

Read the eligibility page to learn more.

Is there a cost?

The monthly charge for publicly subsidized assisted living is based on income. individuals pay 70% of their monthly after-tax income, up to a maximum amount. Persons receiving disability benefits from the Ministry of Housing and Social Development pay a fixed rate. Fees are paid monthly to the Assisted Living Operator along with a small monthly hydro surcharge. 

We want to hear from you

If you are unhappy with the service you received, you are encouraged to speak with the person who provided the service, or to the manager of the area. All patients and clients are encouraged to try and resolve any issues at the time and place care is received.

If you still feel your concern has not been adequately addressed, you can contact the IH Patient Care Quality Office directly for further action.


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