Costs of Long-term Care
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Fees are based on your income

What is the rate to stay in a publicly subsidized long-term care home?

The costs of living in a long-term care home are very similar to the costs of living independently at home. The monthly cost for publicly subsidized long-term care is based on 80% of your after tax income, with set minimum and maximum rates. This rate schedule is determined by the province. Your personal rate is based on information obtained from your Canada Revenue Agency income tax assessment.

Typical additional costs not covered by the daily rate include:

  • Personal telephone, television cable or internet charges
  • Personal choice hygiene and grooming products
  • Medications not covered by PharmaCare’s Plan B
  • Personal needs such as dry cleaning, labelling, clothing repairs or alterations, newspapers and magazines
  • Hair dressing, haircuts, special outings, social events or special therapies
  • Personal transportation
  • Health equipment (such as special wheel-chairs and walkers) and health supplies (such as complex wound care dressings) not covered by extended health benefits or Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Health services not covered by extended health benefits such as ambulance service, optometry, podiatry, massage therapy and basic dental care
  • Security items such as identification bracelets
  • Personal insurance for lost or damaged personal items such as hearing aids, dentures, glasses 
  • Physician charges for completion of medical forms

What if I can't afford to cover the costs of publicly subsidized long-term care?

If paying your long-term care home assessed rate would create “serious financial hardship”, speak to your Home and Community Care manager to determine if you are eligible for a temporary rate reduction to alleviate the financial hardship. Occasionally costs may be covered by alternate payers:

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Contact your local Home and Community Care Case Manager for more information.


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