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Follow your emergency plan.

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External Resources
The following external links are provided for additional information. Please note that when you click on any of the following links, you will be redirected away from the Interior Health website and may not be able to navigate back to this page with ease.
  • Wildfires and Your Health: Wildfires can affect your health and safety in many ways: the smoke from wildfires can affect the quality of the air, a power outage may spoil your food, or you may have to evacuate if a wildfire is close to your home. Preparing in advance for wildfires can help you keep your family safe.
  • FireWork: Government of Canada’s Wildfire Smoke Prediction System. This website provides daily smoke forecast maps (April to October).
  • Red Cross Emergency & Disaster Services: Resource to help locate specific emergency and disaster services available in affected cities.
  • Red Cross Guide to Wildfire Recovery: This comprehensive 30 pp guide provides checklists and information for the homeowner to assess the home and prepare for return after a fire event.
  • Re-entering your home after a wildfire: PreparedBC resource outlining steps for home re-entry after evacuation from a wildfire event.
  • Wildfire Recovery Programs: Provides contact information and links to available recovery programs.
  • Preparing for an encroaching wildfire: Government of Canada publication providing basic information on how to prepare your home when a wildfire is approaching.
  • Guide to Disaster Recovery: BC Ministry of Public Safety step-by-step guide to disaster recovery – re-entering a home, cleaning up, insurance and repair etc.
  • Particulate Matter and Outdoor Air Pollution: Health resource which explain the impacts of particulate matter and air pollution.
  • BC Centre for Disease Control: This link provides scientific evidence reviews on wildfire smoke and exposure, and guidance for use by public health professionals during wildfire events.
  • Regional Districts & Municipalities: This is a searchable directory to locate contact information for individual regional districts and municipalities.


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