Subdivision of Land
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Our role in subdivisions

We provide comments for local government or Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Subdivision Approving Officers to consider when deciding whether or not a subdivision application should be approved. We promote healthful development of land, with particular interest in drinking water supply and sewage disposal.  

Information for subdividing your land

In rural settings we are interested in ensuring newly created parcels have appropriate site conditions so that onsite sewerage does not contaminate water and will not cause a health hazard by coming to the surface of the ground, both in the present and in the distant future. At the time of subdivision each proposed lot is evaluated to determine whether there are at least two areas of land suitable for onsite sewerage.  The information described in Subdivision Report Criteria for Authorized Persons is required for use to be able to provide meaningful comments to the Subdivision Approving Officer. 

Note: Site assessment and report must be completed by an Authorized Person.

Submitting requested information about a subdivision

Submit any document related to your subdivision to the approving agency (e.g. Ministry of Transportation or Municipality).  The approving agency will forward the information to the HBE team for review. In this way the approving agency can ensure they and all referral agencies have the same information.


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