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Promoting proper nutrition in the community and at the workplace

Community nutrition

Public Health Dietitian(s) (formerly called Community Nutritionists) are registered dietitians who work with community groups, early childhood programs, school districts, organizations, health professionals, educators and local government to support and promote healthy eating.

Our work aims to improve access to healthy food, improve people’s food shopping and preparation skills, and promote the social and cultural aspects of eating. We accomplish this through providing consultation on food policy development, supporting the development of new programs and services, and promoting healthy eating initiatives.

Public Health Dietitian(s) also provide training and resources to support health professionals, Interior Health staff and physicians in providing the public with up to date healthy eating information.

Lifecycle and nutrition

Eating doesn’t just define your physical health. It goes beyond preventing heart disease, getting enough of a vitamin, or having a healthy weight.

Meals and snacks can fuel or foil our learning, work, play, relationships, and even our economy. What we eat defines us, our families, our cultures, our communities, and our beliefs.

Interior Health’s Food Security and Community Nutrition Program believes that healthy eating is the cornerstone of good physical and mental health, and should never feel like a chore. We hope our resources help you enjoy healthy eating.


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