Speech and Language
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Healthy communication development​

Our community speech-language pathologists help families support the communication development of their children from birth to school entry. Services may include education, assessment, and intervention in a variety of settings. Support may occur individually or in groups.

Early detection is critical

Early detection and support can help a child having difficulties with speech and language to match their peers by the time they start kindergarten.

What services are available?

Our speech language pathologists help with pronunciation; language comprehension and use; social communication; and voice, hearing, or stuttering problems. 

Our speech-language pathologists will:

  • Help families plan approaches that work alongside other family priorities & obligations.
  • Train families and other caregivers how to help children learn better ways to talk.
  • Connect families to other supports.
  • Check children's progress on an ongoing basis

How do I access this service?

Anyone can refer the child for services from birth to preschool-age, with parents' consent. Families with children who are about to enter kindergarten should contact the school district for service. Download the Request for Audiology Services form and mail to your local health centre or complete the Speech/Language Pathology Referral (birth to 5yrs) form.

Review Child and Youth Speech-Language Pathology services at a health centre in your area.

Is there a cost?

These services are free of charge.

What is the age limit?

These services are provided for infants and children up to school entry.




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