Spiritual Care
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Dedicated to the well-being of our patients and their families

Helping people draw upon their own cultural, spiritual and religious resources for wisdom, guidance, strength and healing as they journey through life stages.” (Canadian Association for Spiritual Care)

The professional practice of Spiritual Care/Counseling is the assessment, therapeutic relationship and interventions provided to assist people with their spiritual growth, healing, and well-being.

The hospital/health-care experience may raise questions around meaning and purpose in life and how to sustain faith and hope, especially when you’re faced with illness or life changing events. In such times it can be good to talk with a Spiritual Care Practitioner/Chaplain who is clinically trained to value and engage diverse perspectives, to support you spiritually and emotionally through your experience.

Professional Spiritual Care is offered at our two tertiary hospitals, Kelowna General and Royal Inland in Kamloops. Services provided to patients and their loved ones are:

  • spiritual assessment and therapeutic interventions
  • care in trauma and crisis situations
  • grief, loss, terminal illness and end of life support
  • help with difficult and ethical decision-making
  • facilitating communication amongst families and staff
  • liaison and facilitation with faith-based community services and resources
  • facilitating spiritual and religious practices, rituals, ceremonies, rites and sacraments
  • 24/7 emergency coverage in times of death and trauma

Other Interior Health sites may offer religious care through community volunteer providers. You will be asked at the time of admission if you wish to identify your religion or faith affiliation for the purpose of a visit. Volunteers/clergy will visit within their own faith group or affiliation.


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