Department Specific Information
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​We strive to provide safe, convenient, respectful and accessible service to our patients in addition to offering a test menu that meets the needs of the people we serve.  Our services range from full clinical diagnostic and pathology services at our two tertiary care facilities in the region to STAT lab or on-call service at some of our rural facilities.  While all services may not be provided on-site, many tests are performed at one of our other IH laboratory facilities, or in some cases are sent to a referral centre for testing.

Refer to the applicable department for more specific information on sample collection and handling requirements for that discipline.


Cytopathology involves the interpretation of cells that spontaneously exfoliate or are removed from tissues by abrasion or fine needle aspiration.

Anatomical pathology

Anatomical Pathology (AP) examines both the external and microscopic appearance and characteristics of body tissues in order to assist the physician in the differential diagnosis, staging, prognosis and potential treatment of a patient’s disease. This service includes Intra-Operative Consultation (frozen section), Surgical Pathology, and Autopsy Pathology of human tissues as well as Cytology examination of cells found in body fluids. 

AP service is available at the Tertiary and Regional sites within IH.  Specimens from the other IH locations or those for Immunohistochemical staining, Cytology, Dermatopathology, or Autopsy Pathology are forwarded to the appropriate site within Interior Health.  Samples for Cytogenetics and Molecular Pathology are referred to an appropriate external testing facility.

Client services

Client Services interacts directly with patients, physicians, and other healthcare workers to handle laboratory requests.  These individuals are responsible for handling lab requests, blood collection, receiving of laboratory specimens, processing of specimens prior to testing, preparing specimens for shipment to referral centers, and managing individual physician requests for test results.

ECG and Holter Monitor services are available at select Outpatient Laboratory locations.


Microbiology identifies the presence of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites from a wide range of human specimen sources and determines their susceptibility to appropriate antimicrobial agents.  Specimens may be shipped to an appropriate site for testing as not all facilities within IH offer this service.

Point-of-care testing

Point of Care Testing (POCT) is any lab testing done outside of the central laboratory, many times by non-laboratory healthcare workers.  This type of testing must meet the same standards of testing reliability as with traditional laboratory testing, so the program falls under the direction of the Laboratory Medical/Clinical Director, who works in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary IH POCT Advisory Committee.

Transfusion medicine services

Transfusion Medicine Service is responsible for overseeing all aspects related to transfusable products derived from human origin including the testing, dispensing, transfusing and tracking of blood components and products.  Pretransfusion testing includes blood typing and product compatibility testing.  This department also investigates possible adverse transfusion reactions and infant/maternal blood group incompatibilities.


Chemistry measures the quantitative, semi-quantitative or in some cases, simply the presence of an analyte from many different body sources, most commonly blood, urine and body fluids.  The scope of testing is very broad and includes the measurement of numerous chemical elements or compounds, proteins and/or drugs.


Hematology measures parameters of the cellular components of blood, body fluids and bone marrow in addition to examining those cells for any evidence of disease.  This service also determines the hemostasis status of the patient by monitoring anticoagulant use/effectiveness, as well as performing specialized testing to determine clotting or bleeding disorders.



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