About ECHO
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Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a guided-practice model that aims to increase workforce capacity by sharing knowledge. Specialists at the “hub” site meet regularly with primary care providers and allied health professionals in local communities via videoconferencing to train in the delivery of specialty care services.
The ECHO model™, developed at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, does not actually provide care directly to patients. Instead, it provides primary care providers and front-line clinicians with the knowledge and support they need to manage patients with complex conditions in the patients’ own communities. This dramatically increases access to specialty treatment, particularly in rural and underserved areas.
How does it work?
An ECHO session is essentially virtual grand rounds. Participants from multiple locations connect at regularly scheduled times with a specialist or team of specialists through videoconferencing. During ECHO sessions, participants present de-identified patient cases to a specialist or expert teams who mentor the providers to manage patients with complex conditions. These case-based discussions are supplemented with short didactic presentations to improve content knowledge and share evidence-based practices.
What are the IT and set up requirements?

You will need:
  • A computer with a webcam, microphone and a stable internet connection OR
  • A phone with internet or data and a camera to join the session
  • We use zoom.us.  You do not need to create a log in or download any software to start viewing.
  • For your first session, please log in 15 min early to ensure everything is working.
  • Orientation sessions will be set up separately. 

Contact us at echo@interiorhealth.ca for additional support or a test run.

What is the cost to register for ECHO?
There is no registration cost for attending an ECHO session.
Who can attend the MHSU ECHO?

Our primary care target audience is:
  • Primary Care Providers
    • Family Physicians
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Other Primary Care Practitioners such as Remote Nursing Station/Health Center Primary Care RNs/LPNs & FNHA CHNs/HCNs
    • Medical Residents
  • Primary Care Teams / Primary Care Networks
    • Members of Primary Care Teams and Networks that deliver MHSU Services

Note: MHSU Staff and Allied Health Staff are invited to participate as guests/observers along with a primary care practitioner or in a designated ECHO room (contact us for more info).

Who makes up the inter-professional hub teams?

The hub team members are composed of professionals involved in the treatment of the disease area, who provide different perspectives in caring for a patient. Members can include:
  • Specialist Physicians
  • General Practitioners with sub-specialty expertise
  • Nurse Practitioners / Nurses
  • Nurse Specialists
  • Social Workers
  • Dietitians
  • Community Partners / Educators
  • Pharmacists
How do I get my CME credits?

ECHO staff records your attendance each week. At the end of each cycle, ECHO staff collates your attendance. You will receive a certificate with your total CME credits by email. This way, you do not need to keep track- we do this for you.
Do I have to attend every week?

No, there are no attendance requirements however you are invited to attend as many sessions as you can as the curriculum builds upon itself.
How do I participate in an ECHO session?

ECHO sessions are interactive. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, participate in group discussions, and to present patient cases.
What is the format of an ECHO session?

Each session includes:
  • Announcements and introductions (in order to collect attendance for issuing CPD credits) and getting to know your ECHO community
  • Didactic lecture presentation
  • A patent case presented by a participating health care provider
  • The case presenter summarizes the patient case
  • Participants are invited to ask the case presenter clarifying questions
  • Case recommendations are provided by the specialist team and session participants 
Why do I have to complete weekly ECHO surveys?

Surveys are not mandatory.  However, we encourage you to complete the survey as we use this information for sustainability purposes and to continuously improve the session and help us meet your needs. For example, we create our future didactic sessions based on the feedback in the survey. This is also a requirement for accreditation of the program. All feedback is kept strictly confidential.
Want to learn about other ECHOs in Canada?

Check out ECHO Ontario Programs. https://www.echoontario.ca/

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