Curriculum & Registration​​
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Contact us at​ or get in touch with the Project Lead, Petra Bader, with any questions at 250-808-0364.

Past ECHOs

Protecting the rights of Involuntary Patients under the Mental Health Act. Involuntary Admission – Systems Change is Essential. Dr. Paul Carey. June 15/24, 2021.

Cycle 3: Adult and Older Adult Mental Health & Substance Use
(7.5 MOC Section 1 / 7.5 Mainpro+)​

Topic ​Speaker ​Date
​Introducing the CCSMH Guidelines on Cannabis Use Disorder in Older Adults   Dr. Ward Jan 13, 2021
​Managing Behavioural Emergencies in Older Adults in Primary Care ​Dr. Yu Jan 27, 2021
​Yo Ho Ho And Less Than 100mg of Alcohol Per Week: Introducing the CCSMH Guidelines on Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in Older Adults ​Dr. Ward ​Feb 10, 2021
​Stepped Treatment Approach for Depression in Older Adults ​Dr. Yu Feb 24, 2021
​Trauma-Informed Care: Assesment of Adult Trauma & PTSD in Primary Care ​TBD ​Mar 10, 2021


Cycle 2: Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use
(9.0 MOC Section 1 / 9.0 Mainpro+)
Interior Health & Children's Hospital Compass Team
Topic ​Speaker ​Date
Lifespan approach to managing mental health issues in Autism
Dr. Friedlander Oct 7, 2020
Management of agressive behavior in Autism Dr. Friedlander ​Oct
21, 2020
School Refusal Dr. Catchpole ​Nov 4, 2020
Trauma and Substance Use in Adolescents & Youth (9 years old +) Dr. Smith ​Nov18, 2020
​Practical Considerations regarding the Impact of Trauma on Child Development and Mental Health ​Dr. Gibson ​Dec 2,2020
​Gender Dysphoria ​Dr. Pipher ​Dec 9,2020


Cycle 1: Management of MHSU Patients in Emergency Situations
(6.0 MOC Section 1 / 6.0 Mainpro+)
Topic ​Speaker ​Date
​Suicide Risk Assessment and Management ​Dr. Knebel ​Jan 29, 2020
​​Managing Complexities of Alcohol Withdrawal ​Dr. Harries ​Feb 12, 2020
​Managing Responsive/Threatening Behaviours ​Dr. Knebel ​Feb 26, 2020

​Practicing medically and legally safe Emergency Psychiatry.
Update on Mental Health Act challenges.

​Dr. Carey
​Mar 11, 2020


Pop-Up: Medical Staff Wellness in a Unique Time
(Not Accredited)
Topic ​Speaker ​Date
​Self-Care 1.0 ​Dr. Dagg ​Apr 9, 2020
​​Self-Care 2.0 ​Dr. Dagg ​Apr 23, 2020
​ACT Your Values. Build resiliency using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Principles ​Dr. Elliot ​May 7, 2020
​Open up so you can ACT
​Dr. Elliot
​May 28, 2020
​Fatigue Management ​Dr. Dagg ​June 11, 2020


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