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Operational Approval Processes

In addition to ethical approval, operational approval is required for all research conducted with Interior Health. Please use the Application for Operational Approval form to outline any human or physical resources that may be requested from IH in order to conduct research. The research algorithm shows what you will need to conduct research with Interior Health.

Contact Research for further information.

Support Services Through Mentorship

Learn about how our services (some examples below) can help you with your research process by contacting Research.

  • Integrated Knowledge Translation: Bridging research and practice through implementing research results, sharing evidence, resources and expert support
  • Grant Funding Support: Providing grant funding opportunity suggestions for your research study
  • Student/Researcher Connections: Connecting students with researchers (or researchers with students) for research studies and/or required learning

IH Library Resources

Knowledge and information resources are available to both patients and health professionals


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